How We Work

The Soft Formative is not one man show. It is supported by a promising team and led by professionals from every area. Let us give you a quick example of our workings.

A customer comes up with us for the first time and is not able to trust us because he has already been cheated before by his previous web designing company. He discusses his requirements with us and we understand what has been done and what is required to be done now.

We assure him to deliver quality results and our team tries to convince hard. We are not just any other web design company next door, we are LOYAL, DEDICATED, EXPERTS in our field. We promise to start with his website/business analysis first and we do this analysis without charging anything for this person just to assure him that he is doing nothing wrong in hiring us.

The person gets some satisfaction and both the parties sign a contract to develop a website for him. Our team works hard on every aspect right from domain registration & hosting to designing. The client’s website starts getting good results and in just a small time his business starts rising. He feels satisfied at his decision of paying us and hires us for long-term requirements.

He finds faith in us and we too are happy to serve him. Our team at Soft Formative did its best to win his heart and this is how we work.
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